Bill Burton at About.com published a nice introduction to dice control. He covers some of the basics like setting your dice, perfecting your throwing motion, and give some good practical practice advice.

There has been a lot of bad news coming out of Atlantic City recently as Casino operators have been hit hard by the recession but the New York Times had something positive to say about Relaxing Spa Scene that has emerged in Atlantic City. For those that like to get pampered, Immersion, received rave revues for its luxurious Water Club.

The M Resort seems to be off to a good start. The Casino announced this week that it has enrolled over 100,000 members into its rewards club in its first month of operation. The M has received rave reviews from Vegas locals and Sports Bettors for its fun atmosphere, great facilities, and lively dealers. If you don’t necessarily care about staying on the strip, be sure to consider The M Resort for your vacation.

Casino operators have agreed to dim their lights for one hour to draw attention to climate change. At 8:30PM this Saturday night the strip will go dark as Casinos participate in “Earth Hour.” Check out the article to read more about what Harrah’s and other operators are doing to help save the environment.

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Here is your gambling news for the week ending Friday March 20th, 2009:

The M Resort announced the roll out of a new “In-Running” sportsbook that will allow bettors to place bets on games or sporting events that have already started.

“You used to have to place your bets before the game started. Once the game got underway, all bets were off and you were sitting hoping your team pulled through for you. Now, with in-running betting, you can watch the game on TV, while sitting in our Race and Sports Book, and update your bets in direct response to what happens during the game - totally immersed in the action of the game. It’s fast-moving and continuously exciting,” said Anthony A. Marnell, III, Chairman and CEO, M Resort.

Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware, has announced his plan to legalize Sports Gambling at up to 10 locations to help close the states budget shortfall. If legalized, it would make Delaware the only US state West of the Mississippi where sports gambling is legal. Straight-bets which are common Online and in Vegas will not be allowed. Instead, gamblers can make parlay bets which try to predict the outcome of multiple games.

The state of Maryland has joined the 21st Century and has announced it will be taking its lottery mobile. Interested players can sign up to get free TXT Message alerts to their mobile devices by visiting MDLottery.com or TXT “PLAY” to 635688.

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Another Friday the 13th! Hopefully everyone survived the last one without much damage. Anyways, Selection Sunday is coming right up, and that means we will soon be able to fill out our brackets. For sports bettors wanting to test their luck, check out the Bodog Sportsbook for all the latest March Madness Lines you can bet on (US players accepted!).

Many online poker players will tell you that the lower limit games have grown increasingly competitive over the last year due to many amateurs using computer “bots” and statistical programs to try and beat the game. To combat this growing problem, CogniSafe Ltd. is now licensing their PittBoss Software that claims the ability to prevent cheating from bots, software cheats and hacking, statistical programs, insider information, and collusion. While the technology probably isn’t perfected at this point, it’s great to see that there are now such sophisticated tools available to combat so many different methods of cheating.

Pennsylvania’s seven licensed slot-parlors have been giving out free comps to lure people in.  Pennsylvania Slot Parlors are expected to be even looser with comps this summer when the New Jersey (Atlantic City) tax on complementaries is completely phased out putting them on an equal playing field.

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Dan Boone of the Bleacher Report thinks that Sports Gambling may be the only thing to save Atlantic City. Sports Gambling in the US is only legal in Las Vegas, though many online bookies accept bets from US players.

Donald Trump resigned as chairman of his own board, and Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for bankruptcy for the third time. Trump's daughter, Ivanka also resigned from the board. Here is what Trump had to say on the David Letterman Show

The Associated Press is reporting that American billionaire financier Carl Icahn is interested in buying the Tropicana Casino an Resort. The Tropicana will be auctioned off later this year as a part of their bankruptcy filing.

Casino operators issued warnings about iPhone applications that aids in card counting. Called "BlackJack Card Counter," the application is fairly sophisticated and can aid helps with some of the most popular counting methods including HiLo, HiOpt-I, HiOpt-II, and Omega-II systems. It also has a "stealth mode" where the screen shows blank, but the application is still running and touch sensitive, helping operators trick Casino security into thinking their phone is off. While using electronic devices to count cards is not new, the rapid rise of smart phone applications is making it easier to put these technologies in the hands of everyday people. Readers should be reminded that while card counting is generally legal in the United States, using electronic devices to count cards is likely not allowed by casino rules and may be illegal in many popular gambling locations.

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