Who Owns What in Las Vegas?

Casino ownership in Las Vegas is very concentrated with MGM Mirage and Caesar’s Entertainment own 20 of the 31 casinos on the strip.  Lets take a look at some of the biggest players in Las Vegas:

MGM Mirage

- Aria

- Bellagio

- Circus Circus

- Excalibur

- Luxor

- Mandalay Bay

- MGM Grand

- The Mirage

- Monte Carlo

- New York - New York

- Slots-A-Fun

Caesar’s Entertainment (Formerly Harrah’s Entertainment)

- Bally’s Las Vegas

- Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall

- Caesars Palace

- Flamingo Las Vegas

- Harrah’s Las Vegas

- Imperial Palace

- O’Sheas Casino

- Paris Las Vegas

- Planet Hollywood

- The Rio

Barrick Gaming

- Gold Spike (Downtown)

- Plaza (Downtown)

- Vegas Club (Downtown)

- The Western (Downtown)

Boyd Gaming

- California Hotel and Casino (downtown)

- Eldorado Casino(off-strip)

- Fremont Hotel and Casino (downtown)

- Gold Coast (off-strip)

- Jokers Wild Casino(Henderson)

- Main Street Station (off-strip)

- Orleans Hotel and Casino (off-strip)

- Sam’s Town (off-strip)

- Sam’s Town Gold River (Laughlin)

- Suncoast Hotel and Casino(off-strip)

Station Casinos

- Aliante Station

- Barley’s

- Boulder Station

- Gold Rush Casino

- Green Valley Ranch

- Fiesta Henderson

- Fiesta Rancho

- Lake Mead Lounge

- Magic Star

- Palace Station

- Renata’s Casino

- Red Rock Resort

- Santa Fe Station

- Sunset Station

- Texas Station

- The Greens Cafe

- Red Rock Casino

- Wildfire Boulder

- Wildfire Casino

- Wildfire Lanes

- Wild Wild West

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Here are 10 things you should avoid doing at a Casino:

1) Don’t try to buy in or cash out while a game is in play. Wait until between hands after the dealer has paid out any bets from the previous round. Ask for change and place your cash or chips on the table, rather then handing them directly to the dealer.

2) Don’t make a mess out of your chips. When making a bet, do not splash all your chips out on the table; gently place your ships on the table in a stack. When betting with chips of mixed denominations, stack your chips so that the highest denomination is on the bottom and the lowest is on top. Doing so makes it easier for dealers to count your chips, give proper change, and keep an eye out for cheaters that may be trying to “top off” a bet.

3) Don’t drink too much. We are all out to have a good time, but know your limit so you aren’t having fun at the expense of others. Drunk people tends to slow games down, make annoying conversation, and kill the overall mood at a table.

4) Limit yourself to one machine at a time when a particular bank of machines is busy. Playing multiple machines at the same time does not improve ones odds, so if it is busy, leave room for someone else to play. For table games, do not take up extra chairs or space around a particular table so that there is room for others to play.

5) Don’t forget to tip your dealer, EVEN IF YOU LOSE. Most dealers, like many other service based industries, make minimum wage + tips. My general philosophy is to tip 2/3 based on service, and 1/3 based on my winnings (if any).  Not tipping a dealer because you lost is the equivalent of not tipping a perfectly good waitress/waiter because you didn’t like the flavor of the soup that you ordered.

6) If you smoke cigarettes, try to be respectful of others around you. Extinguish an dispose of your butts in an ashtray, and exhale smoke upward rather than towards the other players and dealers around you.

7) Don’t forget to use hand signals. Casinos are loud and noisy places and it may be hard for a dealer to hear what you want to do. Hand signals are easy to interpret, and can be reviewed by video footage if there is a question about a particular play.

8) For games in which cards are dealt face up, don’t touch them. In games which you are allowed to touch the cards, only do so with one hand. Touching the cards with multiple hands is a signal to the casinos that you may be trying to cheat by bending or “marking” specific cards in the a deck.

9) Don’t berate a player for the way the played their hand. Blackjack players are particularly notorious for doing so, thinking that “unnecessary hitting” throws off the game by disrupting the order that cards are dealt. While this may be true, unconventional plays are just as likely to positively influence a game as they are to negatively influence it. Besides, players who blame others for their losses should not be gambling in the first place.

10) Resist the urge to give unsolicited advice. Not everyone is interested in playing “basic strategy” and they have every right to play their own game, even if it may not be an optimal strategy. Let people make their own fun.

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Patricia Demauro of Denville, N.J. is the new record holder for the longest craps roll. Demauro bought into a game for $100 at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, in Atlantic City, N.J. After 4 hours, 18 minutes, and 154 rolls later she sevened out and shattering a record that has stood for nearly 20 years. The old records was held by Stanley Fujitake of Honolulu, Hawaii. On May 28th, 1989, Mr. Fujitake lasted 118 rolls (including 18 pass line wins) and 3 hours, 6 minutes.

Demauro wouldn’t comment on her winnings, but did say “This was very exciting for me to be a part of history.”

More Reading:
Craps Player sets record at NJ Casino
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Phase 1 of the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem will soft launch this Friday with 3,000 slot machines and electronic table games, four restaurants, two lounges, and a bar. A grand opening will be held on June 9th.

Built in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, at the old Bethlehem Steel mill, the $743 million Sands Bethlehem is expected to pose some serious competition to Atlantic City. Bethlehem is just a one-hour drive from Philadelphia and New Jersey and 90 minutes from Manhattan, a prime location that is expected to siphon away customers from already struggling Atlantic City casinos. Later this year, the casino will be even more attractive when it opens up more floor space and adds 2,000 more slot machines, giving it a total of 139,000 square-feet of gaming floor and 5,000 slot machines. The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City's largest casino, has a 161,000-square-foot gaming floor with 4,100 slot machines.

What you will not find is the luxury shopping mall, a 300 room hotel, and a sprawling convention center that were originally planned. Those projects are "on hold" until economy and credit markets improve, but don't hold your breath.

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Some interesting developments this week in the gambling world:

PartyGaming PLC, best known as the parent company of the popular online poker site, PokerStars.com reached a settlement agreement with the US Department of Justice. In exchange for a non-prosecution agreement, PartyGaming agreed to pay a fine of $105 Million. PartyGaming ceased its US operations in October of 2006, but the company hopes to some day reenter the market. Should the poker be deemed a skill game, or the UIGEA is repealed, this settlement clears the way for the company and its executives to start US operations without fear of prosecution from past actions.

Steve Wynn shared his thoughts on the economy and Vegas’ path to recovery.Wynn argued that Nevada cannot afford to ignore helping the Casinos, since their taxes fund over half of the state’s budget. Wynn also noted he was frustrated with how the US Government “stimulus funds” are being distributed and that more attention needs to be paid to creating new jobs. He suggested government tax credits for job creation, conservation of assets, and responsible debt levels. Check out the article for the complete video interview. Wynn, also did a sit-down interview with Charlie Gibson, which will appear on “60 Minutes” this Sunday.

Communal Slots are coming to the Hard Rock, Biloxi. Joining the latest trend sweeping casinos, the Hard Rock Casino has added multiplayer penny slots games, which customers find more exciting and enjoyable. The Casino also said it intends to install two Slingo carousels, and other communal games in the upcoming months. Check out the Hard Rock, Biloxi website to plan a vacation.

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Atlantic City’s oldest Casino, Resorts Atlantic City, is trying to conjure up memories of Atlantic City’s heyday by installing 8 coin-operated slot machines. The clinging of coins coming out of slot machines used to be the signature sounds of gambling. Today, coin-operated machines have been replaced by electronics, flashy lcd screens, and receipt vouchers. In the United States over 90% of the estimated 900,000 slot machines do not accept or payout coins, and are rapidly becoming extinct. So far the machines have received rave reviews from customers, but casino executives warn not to expect many of these coin operated machines and say electronic slots are more efficient to run, jam less often, and offer an equally enjoyable experience for players.

Old school slot machines aren’t the only sign that some customers are rejecting technology. The Trump Plaza announced this week that it will remove all electronic poker tables from its casino floors. The Trump Plaza installed the 14 tables last June, but said that even though the machines were faster, error free, and did not need to be tipped, the tables generated less interest than traditional tables, as it seems players like to play poker with a traditional card dealer. Welcome news for dealers worldwide.

A recent report by consulting firm Cigital analyzed 103 Million Hands recently played on PokerStars and concluded that poker is a game of skill. Cigital found that just over 75% of pots end before a showdown and only 50% of those those remaining hands that go to showdown are won by the player with the best hand. Using this data Cigital concluded that Texas Hold’em can be seen as 88% skill and not predominated by chance. Expect data from this study to be referenced frequently in future debates over the legality of poker.

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Bill Burton at About.com published a nice introduction to dice control. He covers some of the basics like setting your dice, perfecting your throwing motion, and give some good practical practice advice.

There has been a lot of bad news coming out of Atlantic City recently as Casino operators have been hit hard by the recession but the New York Times had something positive to say about Relaxing Spa Scene that has emerged in Atlantic City. For those that like to get pampered, Immersion, received rave revues for its luxurious Water Club.

The M Resort seems to be off to a good start. The Casino announced this week that it has enrolled over 100,000 members into its rewards club in its first month of operation. The M has received rave reviews from Vegas locals and Sports Bettors for its fun atmosphere, great facilities, and lively dealers. If you don’t necessarily care about staying on the strip, be sure to consider The M Resort for your vacation.

Casino operators have agreed to dim their lights for one hour to draw attention to climate change. At 8:30PM this Saturday night the strip will go dark as Casinos participate in “Earth Hour.” Check out the article to read more about what Harrah’s and other operators are doing to help save the environment.

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Here is your gambling news for the week ending Friday March 20th, 2009:

The M Resort announced the roll out of a new “In-Running” sportsbook that will allow bettors to place bets on games or sporting events that have already started.

“You used to have to place your bets before the game started. Once the game got underway, all bets were off and you were sitting hoping your team pulled through for you. Now, with in-running betting, you can watch the game on TV, while sitting in our Race and Sports Book, and update your bets in direct response to what happens during the game - totally immersed in the action of the game. It’s fast-moving and continuously exciting,” said Anthony A. Marnell, III, Chairman and CEO, M Resort.

Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware, has announced his plan to legalize Sports Gambling at up to 10 locations to help close the states budget shortfall. If legalized, it would make Delaware the only US state West of the Mississippi where sports gambling is legal. Straight-bets which are common Online and in Vegas will not be allowed. Instead, gamblers can make parlay bets which try to predict the outcome of multiple games.

The state of Maryland has joined the 21st Century and has announced it will be taking its lottery mobile. Interested players can sign up to get free TXT Message alerts to their mobile devices by visiting MDLottery.com or TXT “PLAY” to 635688.

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Another Friday the 13th! Hopefully everyone survived the last one without much damage. Anyways, Selection Sunday is coming right up, and that means we will soon be able to fill out our brackets. For sports bettors wanting to test their luck, check out the Bodog Sportsbook for all the latest March Madness Lines you can bet on (US players accepted!).

Many online poker players will tell you that the lower limit games have grown increasingly competitive over the last year due to many amateurs using computer “bots” and statistical programs to try and beat the game. To combat this growing problem, CogniSafe Ltd. is now licensing their PittBoss Software that claims the ability to prevent cheating from bots, software cheats and hacking, statistical programs, insider information, and collusion. While the technology probably isn’t perfected at this point, it’s great to see that there are now such sophisticated tools available to combat so many different methods of cheating.

Pennsylvania’s seven licensed slot-parlors have been giving out free comps to lure people in.  Pennsylvania Slot Parlors are expected to be even looser with comps this summer when the New Jersey (Atlantic City) tax on complementaries is completely phased out putting them on an equal playing field.

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Las Vegas welcomed its latest billion dollar resort last weekend when The M Resort opened its doors to the public. The casino plans to target the South Las Vegas and Henderson markets, as well as any tourists who may be willing to stay off the strip. The hotel tower features 390 rooms and 35 suites ranging from 550-2400sq ft. Rooms are loaded with the latest high tech conveniences including iPod docking stations, BOSE ‘Wave’ sound systems, and 42” LCD TVs. Bathrooms are luxuriously appointed with double marble sinks, a separate tub and shower, and a TV in the bathroom.

The gaming floor features 64 tables, just shy of 2000 slot and video poker machines, a 12-table poker room, and an exclusive high-limit VIP area. Dealers are assigned to the same table for at least one month at a time, making it easier to find a friendly and familiar face.

“At the heart of the M Resort casino floor lies a one-of-a-kind high-energy gaming area known as the Jewelry Box, which is exclusive to the resort. While many can only dream about having gorgeous emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds in their jewelry box, the M Resort’s actually does, with each jewel representing a different payout. “There are 124 machines that randomly reward up to $5,000 to players,” said Rich Strafella, Vice President of Casino Operations, M Resort. Every Jewelry Box reward is celebrated with a dazzling visual presentation for everyone to enjoy.”

You can find more info at their website: http://www.themresort.com

No more fun and games for MGM Mirage, the company announced that it expects to default on its debt later this year unless the economy improves. MGM Mirage also announced that it will delay it annual filings until March 17th. The Company has not posted any financial reports since September, so this upcoming filling should reveal a lot about the financial health of the company.  MGM Mirage still needs to raise an estimated $1.2 Billion to finish their City Center project, but may have a hard time raising that cash if credit markets continue to remain weak.

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