Today is Friday the 13thand in case you are wondering, there will be 3 Friday the 13th’s this year, the most in the past decade!

The ACES train that shuttles people between New York City and Atlantic City is now running and reviews are beginning to show up. Review were generally positive, but apparently the trays on the backs of the coach seats were badly aligned. Speaking of trains, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D,NV) managed to secure $8 Billion in the latest economic stimulus bill to build a high speed trains. Speculation is that a large portion of the money may be used to build a high speed train that offers service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Poker columnist Victoria Coren argues that Poker players should be wary of emulating what they see pros doing on TV as tournaments since the tournaments favor a different kind of aggressive play and are loaded with top players.

A new study found that slot machines are being designed to take advantage of the “near-miss effect.” This phenomena should help explain why some gamblers try to chase their losses by continuing to bet after a bad beat. The article states:

“Before the reels on a slot machine stop spinning, a gambler’s brain is already anticipating the potential rewards. And although two bananas on the pay line with a third just barely visible won’t pay a gambler any more than three random fruits, such near misses have the well-documented, if irrational, effect of enticing gamblers to try again. The reason, according to a new study, is that these near misses activate the same reward signals in the brain as a win. ...

The rewards of a near miss may have ancient origins. In skill-dependent tasks, such as hunting, people do have some control over the outcome, and trying again after a near miss could bring home the bison, he explains. “The healthy brain is looking for ways in which it can control the environment, and gambling games harness that natural system.”“

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Posted by Jacob on 02/13 at 09:28 AM
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