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If You Own Stock - No More Losses!  Plus Get Passive Weekly Income Dividends!
Posted: 25 December 2013 11:11 PM   [ Ignore ]
roulette income player
Total Posts:  80
Joined  2013-12-16

Dear Stock Owners,

Did you lose $$$ in your stock portfolios in the crash of 2009?  Did your broker or adviser fail to protect or insure your stock holdings against losses?

How would you like to make certain that you will never suffer any loss in stock portfolios going forward to 2014 and beyond?  Learn professional insurance hedging techniques!

End of Year Holiday Gift for you - two very important e-books of interest for all investors and retirees that own stocks:

1. Never suffer any losses for your stock portfolio in 2014 and beyond!  Portfolio insurance hedging techniques made available to the public!  Self insure!  Don’t ever rely on your stock broker/adviser to protect your stock portfolio & net worth!  You alone will have the knowledge and tools to self-insure your stock holdings/portfolios!

2. How would you like to receive passive weekly income dividends?  How about 5% or more per week in passive weekly income?  Learn to trade put credit spreads efficiently and safely.  Never worry about having any losing trades!

Please PM directly to receive e-books!  Only available FREE this week! 

Happy Holidays & New Year!

Posted: 25 December 2013 11:21 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
roulette income player
Total Posts:  80
Joined  2013-12-16

Special End of Year Holiday Gift - receive this week’s passive income trading service alert (> 10%)!  Limited to first 10 responders.  Must have trading account already established with options credit spread approval in order to participate this week.  Expected return = 10% to 25% in 5 trading days!

Posted: 15 January 2014 01:55 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]
Sr. Member
Total Posts:  101
Joined  2012-12-10

Too bad, it’s too late for me, tsk2, I was so busy these past few days, I wasn’t able to read this. -_-


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Posted: 15 January 2014 06:12 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]
roulette income player
Total Posts:  80
Joined  2013-12-16

Hi quailroger,

R u an active trader and/or investor?
Do u have an acct funded & approved
for options trading? Will need one.

Trader = make trading bets and looking
to make trading income.

Investor = buy & amass best-in-class
businesses by buying shares. Then add
when able to buy best companies “on sale”.
Buildup massive core holdings quickly.
Then exit when businesses “fully priced”.

In both scenarios, need to trade & use options.
It provides insurance PLUS generate large
passive trading income weekly and/or monthly!

Which one is your bias, favorite? Or both?
Both Trader & Investor svcs use options for
insurance and income generation. Both do not
have losses! All positions actively managed until
at least break-even or Target profits hit.
Quailroger, also pls see separate thread on Market Neutral
Trding using Weekly Options for income.

All svcs sent direct to u via SMS or email.
We do not require web logins!  Avoid website
logins to minimize hacking & Denial of Svc attacks.
All trade alerts sent encrypted - and plenty ahead of
time to allow user to make trade adjs correctly.

If poss, pls PM me directly, include your email.
I can send u last 2 straddles sent out to users.
Both winners & w/o need to “guess” direction!

Pls feel free to ask your questions. No secrets!
Only excellence in trade mgmt & adjustments!

Thank u!

Posted: 29 January 2014 12:16 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 4 ]
roulette income player
Total Posts:  80
Joined  2013-12-16

Recently real estate infomercials have aired touting advantages of flipping homes for
both income & wealth accumulation. It is our opinion (yes, v biased!) that flipping homes
is significantly less profitable & more “expensive” vs Zero Basis Trading.

Let’s go over some details:

Real Estate
1. V competitive - difficult to find & purchase homes 20% to 50% discounts!
2. Foreclosures, pre-fores, short sales, all have many competitive investors bidding.
3. Admin fees: broker fees, escrow fees, ads, rehab costs, appraisal, insur, staging, etc.
4. Wide uncertainty of rehab problems and costs overrun > rehab budget.
5. Dealing w contractor(s), subs, persons.
6. Construction rehab sched delays, budget exceeded.
7. Must stage, wait buyer to appear at desired price.
8. Home insur coverage at replacement cost, not at orig cost. So if hm price falls, insur
does not protect vs price erosion!

Zero Basis Trading
1. Liquid supply of excellent businesses selling at discounted prices.
2. Transparency of audited statements - less “surprise!” findings unlike real estate rehabs.
3. No excess fees - only v low commissions on executed trades.
4. ZBT investors generate excess passive trading income quickly w/i first few wks.
5. ZBT investors control when & profit amounts according to their targets.
6. No budget overruns.
7. No need pay contractors, workers.
8. ZBT insurance protects against stock price erosion.
9. Exit ZBT v clean, quick - ready liquid marketplace to unwind ZBT positions.
10. No need for advisors, brokers, etc. ZBT investors create & control own wealth program!

It is TIME for you to CREATE, CONTROL, and BENEFIT from your own ZBT profit engine!

You can start now and immediately start receiving passive trading income! All for $15!

Just PM here now.  Thank you.