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Fire Sale - Intro Charter Trial Limited Time!  Try Zero Basis Trading Technology!
Posted: 18 January 2014 09:18 AM   [ Ignore ]
roulette income player
Total Posts:  80
Joined  2013-12-16

Forum readers,

Great opportunity from TradingActionPatterns - you can try its platform.

Intro Charter trial for $15 - one time limited offer:

First - receive detailed “maps” of your stocks’ areas of support & resistance zones:
1. Submit up to 5 stocks of your choice   but must have listed options trading.
2. Detailed trend & momentum analysis & reports per stock on Targets vs Risks.
3. Identify areas for “smart money” buying & selling price zones.

Then - TAPs cloud platform will provide ideal Zero Basis Trading setups:

4. Every stock submitted will be run thru ZBT algorithm.
5. Stock will receive ideal options insurance setups for ZBT “no lose” positions.
6. Plus - BONUS - one or more income positions to pay for stock insurance options!

Receive and implement insured “no lose” stock trading positions on your very own

Experience & monitor & observe how positions will “unfold” to guarantee safety!

Experience to trade & invest precisely SAME METHODOLOGY used by insurance
companies & largest most profitable trading firms.

TAPs cloud technology makes it simple, timely, and easy to make trades & adjustments.
Trading alerts delivered via SMS texts or emails on real-time basis!


Pls PM here directly - you will be thrilled to see your own stocks insured from.losses!

Thank you.

Posted: 20 January 2014 03:25 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
roulette income player
Total Posts:  80
Joined  2013-12-16

RF members,

The ZBT method works EVEN BETTER for stocks that have appreciated in price.

For example, you.own 500.shares XYZ at $45.  U like to keep.XYZ b/c of whatever
reason, perhaps stable dividend yield, etc.

Also XYZ now at $60 - u have $15 open profit - which CAN DISAPPEAR quickly!

Why not implement ZBT insurance methodology to lock in XYZ profits - AND -
at same time use ZBT to generate add’l income while holding on to XYZ?

If u own appreciated stock shares - and not ready to sell or exit those.shares,
pls use ZBT to lock up profits while u hold on to the shares!

Pls feel free to PM here - to discuss how to protect your winning stock positions.

Thank you.

Posted: 29 January 2014 01:23 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]
roulette income player
Total Posts:  80
Joined  2013-12-16

Attention RF members!  ZBT is looking for an active investor with:

1. A stock position with good open unrealized profits.
2. Investor not ready to sell or exit the stock holdings.
3. Stock must have liquid options traded.
4. Investor wants Zero Basis No Risk position for the stock shares.
5. Investor wants income generation weekly or monthly from the stock shares.
6. Investor must have (or can get approved for) active options trading..

ZBT is looking for ONE (1) investor with the most compelling story and most %
profit to be protected by ZBT.

We will use this story as a case study to be shared for all members!

ZBT simply does not allow losses! Watch & learn how ZBT takes a highly profitable
stock position - and creates a shield against downside price moves - while also
creating weekly/monthly trading income!

If you have a compelling story and winning stock position - pls feel free to PM here
& submit your story.  If selected - your position will be made RISK FREE by ZBT on a
complimentary basis (as long as you give 100% permission to use your story).

Pls send us your best stories NOW!  Thank you.

Posted: 07 February 2014 12:52 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]
roulette income player
Total Posts:  80
Joined  2013-12-16

Advantage Players,

As you know, finding high edge games is not easy. In Blackjack and Roulette, the house will
implement counter-measures quickly. Then the player’s EDGE is gone.

Let’s play a different game, shall we? We will use a $5000 bankroll - assume play 100 bets:

A. Avg Bet = $500.
B. Max Risk of Loss = (-10%) = (-$50).
C. Max Loss hit rate = (1%).
D. Small Loss = (-3%) = (-$15).
E. Small Loss hit rate = (19%).

F. Small Win = (+5%) = (+$25).
G. Small Win hit rate = (20%).
H. Large Win = (+25%) = (+$125).
I.  Large Win hit rate = (60%).

APers, would you agree this “game” is highly favorable and has a LARGE EDGE?

How is it that large hedge funds, bank trading desks (ala Goldman, Morgan), are able to lock
up CASH PROFITS on a daily basis? In fact statistics shown in panel reviews indicate this type
of “trading game” has allowed > 95% winning days in a given year! Or - how about daily CASH
PROFITS in 240 days out of a 252 trading days per year? YES - it is still being done today!

The strategy used is called Equity Long/Short trading. It is 40% to 70% long. The short trades
helps minimize losses while letting winners run. The Short trades are insurance hedge trades.

The Equity Long/Short strategy acts like a wrench ratchet:

    When price rises, trading algorithms lock up profits quickly, precisely.
    When price declines, the Short trades profit - enough to insure against large losses.

    Net result = price up means profits, price down means break-even & reset Short trades again!

    Wrench clockwise = tighten bolt.
    Wrench counter-clockwise = ratchet released, no bolt loosening. Reset ratchet for tighening.

Pretty slick huh? No wonder these trading desks are extremely profitable! 

Individual traders can’t play at “that table” because of the lack of deep bankrolls, and the lack of
Portfolio margins afforded these large trading desks!

However, with the liquidity, depth, transparency, and exchange-guaranteed insurance now
available from US-listed options, individual traders CAN PLAY A SIMILAR, SMALLER GAME!

Zero Basis Trading (ZBT) allows individual traders to have similar win rates - but slower rate.

ZBT provides real-time Trade Entry, Adjustments, Exit Alerts via SMS or email. No need for
Log-On to any ZBT website.

Since its release two years ago for professional advantage individual traders, ZBT has not had
a single Large Loss in 40 trades!

Professional Advantage Individual Traders need the following:
1. $5000 minimum in an options account approved for spread trades.
2. Pay ZBT only $25 per New Trade campaign (Entry, Adjs, Exit) as a Charter member!
3. Have SMS or email access to receive real-time ZBT signals.
4. Ability to place orders error-free (or use auto-trade with broker).

How effective is ZBT? Every campaign is between 2-8 weeks. Expect (+15% to +40%) winners.
Expect CASH PROFIT turnover of (+$125) to (+$300) per $500 bet every 2-8 weeks!

If - you have sufficient bankroll to “play this smaller game” - and the data above makes sense
to you AND you are interested in Pro Advantage trading EDGES, pls contact ZBT directly at:

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Right now ZBT Charter members are receiving CASH PROFITS every 2-8 weeks per ZBT trading
campaign! And no losses to date!

Hurry - join immediately - today ZBT just issued TWO high probability ZBT New Trades!

Put your bankrolls to work - and play the “game” that gives YOU the highest EDGES!

Contact:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with your questions or Charter member request!

Thank you!