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Blackjack vs Binary options
Posted: 11 March 2014 11:33 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Joined  2014-02-14

What is your favorite game of chance? I like to play blackjack because it is fast-paced, predictable, and easy. Some of you might not like that term predictable, but the outcome of any hand is more predictable than almost any other game of chance. If you study the game and the house rules, you have a decent chance of coming out ahead on a regular basis.

I like to equate binary options to playing blackjack. I am never going win every deal. It is literally impossible. It is fast-paced. You can make your investments early in a cycle, or wait until it the opportunity is about to close. It is the easiest form of investment I have found, but make sure you understand I did not say the lowest risk form. It is predictable, if you do your homework.

I only invest in binary options that I keep track of market trends and keep my eye on the news. You can invest in forex moves, stock price changes, and a variety of other trades, but it stays easy because you are always only investing based upon either a postivie or a negative outcome. Did it go up, or did it go down?

When I started playing blackjack online, I spent hours in the demo rooms and free rooms to learn how the games worked before I deposited money and made real bets. I suggest doing the same thing when you start out in binary options, too. If you do not understand binary options, take a minute to read Wikipedia’s description and then setup a demo account and play for a few days or weeks before you start investing your money. You can start investing instantly, but make sure you really understand what you are doing first.

I choose to stick with investments in a few foreign exchange markets and a handful of tech stocks that I watch closely. That allows me to keep track of the news and statistics on just a few items and make better predictions on trades. I get the same exciting feeling in the pit of my stomach investing in binary options that I get in playing blackjack. If you are looking for a new investment strategy that is fun and can be very profitable try binary options. It is not as boring as waiting 10 years for your stock portfolio to bounce, hoping you pull out at just the right moment.


Does anyone have experience with binary21.com

Posted: 14 March 2014 02:09 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
roulette income player
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Hi Parker88,

Yes, v active options trading on listed options. Pls check out other thread here on “Zero Basis Trading”.

Our live real-time track record is 100% closed winning trades! Trades last few days to 6 wks.

Also for forex pairs, we trade the Nadex options. Much better than the foreign based binary brokers. Better payouts, early exits, overlay spreads, etc.

Our track record for winning trades in forex options via Nadex is > 90%!

Also we use out of the money options - sometimes vertical spreads.

Nadex trades vary in duration - from 2 hour options, to daily and weekly options.

Where do u do binary trading? USA residents not allowed.

How many trades per day? What is your win vs loss track record?


Roulette Income Player