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Cash me in?
Posted: 14 August 2011 07:47 AM   [ Ignore ]
Total Posts:  3
Joined  2011-08-14

when it comes to handling cash on the net…ie buying in to poker sites..handling winnings…converting currencies etc - i have

only a debit card ...some sites will not accept it….problems at every turn….....but i have just opened a neteller account and

upgraded to “premier”....i have applied for their debit card
.....all this seems to solve all my problems…..has anyone had prolems with neteller or is there any better solutions out there?


When we start to compare the usual casino and online casino, then perhaps one of the major disadvantages of electronic casino, most players would be called the absence “of the very” atmosphere of luxury, aristocracy, efficiency and simultaneous excitement that arise in the casinos almost at the moment player steps over its threshold.

For those who are embarrassed by this detail, there is not a bad consolation - to live games online casino. None too much, but it is most probably the popular games in any casino: roulette, blackjack and poker.

Somewhere live game offers much more, somewhere - just one or two. But their presence in the casino already is a big plus, because the player can immerse themselves in the usual “kitchen” real casinos, to see the whole process of betting and the cards live. This is not the illusion of this game in real casinos, but no longer a simple game with live dealer.

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How is the process of live games? Actually, just like in real life, that’s not only the players sitting at the table, and monitors for their computers, and the dealer, which each player can see through the webcam, just taking bets and distributing cards, or runs roulette. Maps in the hands of dealers are big enough, and because each player sees the information it needed.

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