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Casino Arizona Cheats?
Posted: 16 August 2011 04:34 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Joined  2011-08-16

I had the wierdest experience today at Casino Arizona on McKellips and Route 101, in the afternoon around 4:30.  Suddenly, ALL of the machines couldn’t take ticket vouchers.  They became cash only machines.  Even the printouts on the tickets changed.  They also started going off, one by one, as if they had jackpots.  But they weren’t jackpots.  The machine I was on suddenly started beeping, like it was on a jackpot.  I had to wait for an attendant to hand pay me $29.  And the symbols weren’t even lined up. 

Casino Arizona has several hundred slot machines and this happened all at once.  One of the employees told me the machines were being remotely adjusted in a “server room.”

Recently, there was an article in AzCentral that stated the NA Casinos’ revenue had dropped because of the economy.  This was no problem for them because they would attract more players by having smaller, more frequent payouts.  When revenue rises again, they would adjust the machines again, with less frequent payouts.

This particular Casino has been tight for several years, ever since an election that allowed the NA to monopolize Arizona casinos.  But I could easily see that these machines are not adjusted at the manufacturer’s.  They can be controlled remotely.

Another problem is they never throw out the gamblers that are banned from casinos.  As long as they don’t attract attention to themselves, such as by large winnings or writing checks, the NA routinely violate the tribal compact by never enforcing the bans.

For these reasons, I believe there is nothing to stop Casino Arizona from cheating their players/customers.  Whatever oversight they have isn’t very strong.